With the sample, you can feel the quality with your own hands, and make sure that you're getting the perfect color palette for your wedding.


  • Materials: The sample box is mainly made of foam/silk flowers and silk/plastic greenery.
  • Size Guide: Each sample box can make a 7" bouquet or centerpiece.
  • Stems Include: 3" Burnt Orange Rose x3, 3" Amber Rose x1, Hazelnut Gardenia x1, 3" Golden Glove Rose x1, Peacock Green Avalanche Rose x1, Teal Green Avalanche Rose x2, Burnt Orange Peony x1, Orange Wintersweet x2, Mandarin Cymbidium x1, Teal Green Poppy x2.
  • Included Accessories: Orange Eucalyptus x1, Champagne Gold Rose Leaf x1.

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    Sample Box in Dark Teal & Burnt Orange

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