Stainless steel Body Easy to Make Wada will be in perfect Shape Just Press knob Over Oil in Kadai directly - Special handle for perfect Grip - Full Size Model - Excellent quality guarantees long life. Medu Wada Vada Donut Maker Dispenser, Stainless Steel Amazing product with ease of making delicious medu wada's,a must have for every foodie, made from best quality and exquisite engineering process to give a class leading performance. Easy and Convenient to use Compact design High strength Medu Vada Maker Freezer Safe Easy to Make Perfect shape Wadas Easily Stainless steel Body Easy to Make Wada will be in perfect Shape Just Press knob Over Oil in Kadai directly Special handle for perfect Grip How to Use: Put the medu vada mix inside the container. Press the lever once holding as shown in b and release the mix falls out with a hole in the center idea for preparing medu vada. Can also be used for doughnuts.

  • Now You Can Make Medu Vada With Just A Single Press. With this machine you can make vadas directly, dont have to keep batter on Hand. Medu Vada is a traditional South Indian snack made from urad dal and spices. Medu Vada is typically deep-fried, but can also be made using an air fryer or a Medu Vada maker.
  • 1 piece vada maker Made by high quality food grade stainless steel material. It is a round-shaped fritter with a crispy exterior and a soft, fluffy interior. It can be made in various shapes and sizes, such as donut-shaped or flattened discs.
  • Make vadas in your kitchen No more hassles of holding the batter in your hand. New Stainless Steel Medu Vada Maker for Tasty Breakfast. Using a Medu Vada maker can save time and effort in making this snack at home. With a Medu Vada maker, you can make restaurant-quality Medu Vadas in the comfort of your own home.
  • Easy To Make Medu Vada By Inserting Flour In The Device. Just Push The Button. Vada Maker is one of the most Innovative Kitchenware Product. Now You Can Make Menduwada With Just A Single Press. This Medu vada Maker Gives You An Easy Of Making South Indian Dish At Home. Start Your Day With A Healthy Breakfast.
  • Dimension:- Length and Width 3.5 Inch, Height 7.5 Inch. Medu Vada is a popular breakfast item in South India and is often served with coconut chutney and sambar. It is also a popular street food and can be found in many food stalls and restaurants.
  • This medu vada maker gives you an easy of making south indian dish at home. Start your day with a healthy breakfast. Medu Vada maker is a kitchen gadget used to make perfect, uniform-sized Medu Vadas with ease.
Special Feature Cool Touch
Color Stainless Steel
Material Stainless Steel
Product Dimensions 3.5"D x 3.5"W x 7"H
Wattage 1000 watts
Item Weight 5.92 Ounces
Included Components No
Style Modern

SRIYUG Stainless Steel Medu Vada Maker for Perfectly Shaped and Crispy Medu Vada Donuts Maker


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