Traditional Chinese Birthday Cake Decoration - Elders Blessing Longevity Set

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This Chinese-style birthday cake decoration is a beautiful and vibrant addition to any celebration. The package comes with three options for DIY cake decoration, allowing you to customize it according to your needs. Choose between the 5-piece set with 10 Longevity Grandpa figures or 10 Longevity Grandma figures.Made from high-quality and safe materials, these decorations are not edible nor suitable for heating. They are intended for decorative purposes only and are suitable for 6" to 8" or 7.9in to 10.5in cakes. It is important to note that if the cake is too large, the decoration may appear smaller.These two longevity elders are symbols of health and longevity in Chinese culture, making them a meaningful gift for elders on their birthdays. The paper accessories included in this set cannot be cleaned, but the plastic and resin ones can be. Additionally, they can be reused as a souvenir or accessory, reducing waste after the party.The package includes a 5-piece set featuring one Longevity Grandpa, one Longevity Ornament, one pair of Shoubi Nanshan, three fans, and two Longevity Peaches. The Chinese-style retro design adds a touch of elegance to your festivities.This cake decoration is perfect for birthdays, grandparents' cakes, and commemorative gifts. It is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, making it safe for use. The simple design allows for easy use without requiring any special cake-making skills. Simply insert the decorations onto the cake and enjoy the fun of crafting an exquisite cake.Overall, this Chinese-style birthday cake decoration is a must-have for any celebration, adding a touch of tradition and charm to your party. Preserve the authenticity of Chinese culture with this beautifully designed and thoughtfully crafted decoration.
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