Extra Wide Dog Gate and Playpen with Door - Tall Fence for Dogs Cats and Babies - Walnut

  • FREESTANDING & EASY TO USE: No Wall Attachments! Extend the dog gate and place it anywhere as pet divider! Also, we have installed a lockable door that allows you to move freely from room to room without having to shuffle the entire unit.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL USAGE: With our product, you can use it as 6 panels extra wide gate, Z/U shape stairs barrier, solid structure playpen with a lockable door for dogs or cats.
  • FLEXIBLE FOLDING: Our pet playpen designed with 360°rotate hinges, it can be easily configured to fit much different sized rooms, hallway, or door openings because the hinges bend both directions. Also, you could easy to store away when not in use!
  • STURDY & SOLID QUALITY: Unlike traditional wooden gate, our playpen designed with metal enclosure bars to increase the weight and keep it stable! The four support feet that come with the package also helps increase stability if needed.
  • ATTRACTIVE & STYLISH: Walnut-colored finish, along with arched tops to make the gate suitable for nice, formal living room entrances. Easily fit in home decoration and add the premium feel.

Product Description

unipaws Stylish and Functional Furniture Style Dog Gate & Dog Playpen

Unipaws extra wide dog gate will help your dog to learn boundaries in the house. Also, it can be used as a playpen for your puppy play. And its walnut finish as well as minimalist look of this indoor dog fence is sure to complement any decor.

You live together in harmony and happiness with the help of unipaws.

Hazards of not using unipaws dog gate in daily life.

Messy dogs.

No limits and dangerous.

The war of cats and dogs.

Dogs pees on the carpet.

  1. Stable in "Z" Shape. Suitable for openings 80-130.6 inches wide.

  2. Easily configured to fit many different-sized rooms, hallways, stairs, or door openings.

  3. You can put it in the shape according to your needs. The spacious of the playpen is 9 square feet.

  4. You can put it in the shape according to your needs. The spacious of the playpen is 9 square feet.

Flexible Construction

1 "Z" Shape Pet Gate 2 "U" Shape Pet Gate 3 Hexagon Playpen 4 Rectangle Playpen

Competitive Advantage Feature

  1. 5pcs Support Feet Included--More Stable

    Come with 5 support feet to enhance stability. Not like other competitors don't come with support feet or just 2pcs included.

  2. No Blank Section at the Top and Bottom--No Escape

    Our products are not cut corners. Designed with dense metal bars and no blank section at the top and bottom to enhance stability and prevent pup and kitty from getting through bottom blank section.

  3. 2 Locks and Bottom Magnet--Triple Safeguard

    unipaws is designed with 2 locks on the gate at the top and middle, also added a bottom magnet to secure the gate. It's safer and more secure than any other gates on the market.

  4. 360º Two-way Connection Hinges--More Flexible

    Makes panels could be arranged in any shape, easy to fold and store. Not like other competitors' one-way hinges limit the change of shape.

  5. Anti-Scratch Protection

    Each unipaws pet gate features with rubber pads at the bottom, preventing scratching the floor & enhancing stability.

  6. Heavy and Stable--More Textured

    The weight of unipaws 132"W dog gate is 41lbs. Heavier than many other competitors, which looks more textured. In addition, the gate will more stable for heavy weight. Reduce knock down.

Can you connect 2 of dog gates together to make a bigger one? Can you connect 2 of extension kits to make longer?

Yes, of course.

Can you remove a panel to make it shorter?

Just unscrew how ever many panels you DONT need.

Can door be moved to a different spot? For example could you move the gate to the second or third panel?

It’s put together with screwed in hinges so you could move it with a little work.

How far apart are the slats? What's the largest area this can cover and still be stable?

1.3" between the slats. The 132”W dog gate is ideal for 80" to 130.6" wide doorways.

What's the material of the product? Is the paint non-toxic?

MDF and Wire. The paint is water paint. Non-toxic.

Connect 2-Panel Extension Kit to Make a 176”W Longer Pet Gate

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Extend 6 panel dog gate Avoid pup pee on the floor Pet feeding Enhance stability for the gate Dog Kennel Waterproof Rain Coat for dogs Dog fence
44"W×31.5"H 65"L×48"W 6.69" and 8.26" (Diameter) 12’’L x 0.71’’W x 3.54’’ H 36’’L x 23’’D x 26.2’’ H XL 60"W×24"H
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Dogs and Cats Pets Pets / Dogs Dogs Dogs and Cats
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