VOLTRX Electric Protein Shaker Bottle - BPA-free Tritan 24oz Red

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  • A Shake to Stir Revolution: Before VOLTRX transformed the shaker industry, a steel wire ball shaker bottle that produced a clanging noise and cleaning nightmares was the only solution to reducing caking. Now the clumping, noise, and cleaning hassles are annihilated by VOLTRX's patented technology.
  • Blend SQUASHED Banana In: Thanks to the powerful base, you can now add SQUASHED bananas to your drink. Gallium electric shaker bottle quickly blends the SQUASHED bananas and liquid together to deliver a smooth drink.
  • 15 Seconds To Smooth: The VOLTRX Gallium electric protein shaker bottle uses a powerful 6000rpm motor with a patent blade design and patent transmission structure design, allowing protein powder to dissolve in liquid within 15 seconds. Brace yourself for the silkiest, smoothest shakes imaginable!
  • Airtight & Watertight: VOLTRX Gallium electric shaker cup feature the most reliable screw-on top design so that every drop stays in the cup and won’t make a mess. Pack the Gallium electric mixer cup in your gym bag with total confidence.
  • Perfect Size: The 24oz/700ml (marking goes to 20oz/600ml) size is not too bulky and able to mix 16oz (480ml) of liquid and 3 scoops of powder with ease! Perfect for even the biggest bodybuilders.

Product Description

Innovative Design All Over

VOLTRX, a magical new way to mix and the ultimate solution to eliminate clumping. New and improved, VOLTRX Gallium electric shaker bottle benefits from patented technology to enhance its power and endurance. The innovative design allows you to clean every corner of the protein mixer cup whilst the tight-fitting screw-on cap ensures it stays watertight. Made with US Tritan material, our electric shaker cup are BPA-Free with an IPX5 waterproof base. VOLTRX is better than ever.

Mix Like A Pro; Stirred Not Shaken

The new patented technologies that built VOLTRX Gallium electric protein shaker bottle provide the ultimate solution to eliminate caking. Traditional shaker bottles with wire mixing balls are hard to clean, noisy and leave lumps of powder in your drink. And all the ballless protein shakers are even worse. Smooth shakes are mixed, not shaken, and the VOLTRX protein shake mixer takes mixing to a whole new level.

Dissolve Within 15s

6000rpm powerful motor with a unique patented blade design and ingenious transmission construction of VOLTRX Gallium electric shaker bottle ensures that protein powder will completely dissolve in liquid within 15 seconds so you can enjoy that silky texture you’ve been waiting for.

Banana Can Be Added

Add your powder, click the Voltrx button and the powerful vortex will make your shake as silky as coffee. Perfect for protein shakes, fiber drinks and meal replacements.

Seamless Watertight Fit

VOLTRX Gallium protein shake mixer bottle is built to ensure a leak-proof design featuring a reliable screw cap lid and temperature-resistant material to prevent deformation. Keep the electric mixer cup closed at all times, and place it in your gym bag with confidence.

Just The Right Size

The 24oz (700ml) capacity means you can fit 16oz (480ml) of liquid with up to 3 scoops of protein powder, making VOLTRX's Gallium vortex shaker bottle an excellent size for making shakes for anyone. Even if you have big goals, VOLTRX can help you meet them.

There’s Power In Silence

Clanging ball shakers and loud blenders, step aside. Thanks to VOLTRX's patented silent motor technology, Gallium vortex protein shaker is ideal for use every morning or in the office without disturbing your family or colleagues.

Larger Handle

VOLTRX cares about every design detail which is why you can now carry the Gallium electric protein shake mixer with two fingers, plus the extended handle allows you to hang it wherever you want.

Easy To Maintain

With the IPX5 waterproof base, you can rinse your cup directly under a tap while it's on after use. Gallium self stirring protein shaker waterproof sealing rings are removable, making cleaning every part of the cup easy. It can be washed in the dishwasher after removing the motorized base.

1 Charge For 2 Months

VOLTRX is highly efficient, our designers ensured Gallium rechargeable protein shaker delivers superb power and long-lasting battery life without compromise. Just one charge is required in order to complete two months of mixing.

Designed With The Earth In Mind

VOLTRX Gallium protein shake mixer cup is designed to take care of you and Planet Earth. Our shaker bottles for protein mixes use high quality materials and responsible packaging. Made with Tritan material from the USA, they're more transparent and less fragile for long lasting quality.

Stirring power 3 scoops (80g) 3 scoops (80g) 5 scoops (120g)
Battery life 80 times 80 times 120 times
Capacity 24oz (700ml) 24oz (700ml) 24oz (700ml)
Max. water level at mixing 16oz (450ml) 16oz (450ml) 16oz (450ml)
Base glow Yes (colored) Yes (white) No
Material Tritan Tritan Tritan
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