Microfiber Barista Cleaning Towels - 4 Pack

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Introducing the perfect cleaning cloth for professional espresso cleaning - the Microfiber Barista Cleaning Towels Pack. This pack includes four 30cm x 30cm waffle weave towels that are specifically designed to wipe away coffee residue on espresso machines, steam wands, precision baskets, and countertops.Crafted from high-quality microfiber material, these towels are both absorbent and non-abrasive. They are soft and gentle on stainless steel, ensuring a scratch-free cleaning experience. They also dry quickly and are easy to wash, making them a convenient option for daily use. The dense fibers of the towels effectively capture fine dust and particles, allowing for a quick and easy removal of milk residue.The towels come with a convenient hook design, making it easy to hang them on your espresso machine, professional coffee knock box, or anywhere in the kitchen. This prevents them from getting mixed up and helps you distinguish the purpose of each towel effectively.The pack comes in four different colors - dark grey, brown, khaki, and light grey - so you can easily designate a specific color for each cleaning task. No more confusion or cross-contamination!Measuring at 12" x 12", these towels have strong water absorption capabilities, making them perfect for cleaning various surfaces such as coffee bar countertops, steam wands, portafilters, tampers, and even mugs. They can also be used as tea towels and dish towels for keeping your tableware clean and dry.Don't settle for just any cleaning cloth. Upgrade to the Microfiber Barista Cleaning Towels Pack and experience the difference in your espresso cleaning routine. Say goodbye to stubborn milk stains, coffee residue, and dust with ease. Try it now!
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