These floral arrangements add a rustic and vintage touch to your wedding aisle chairs. It's so natural to share happiness with your friends and guests at a wedding or any other ceremony.

User Guide: Click to view a short video about how to use pre-made aisle decoration pew flowers.


  • Package: Set of 8 pre-made wedding aisle decoration flower pieces.
  • Material: Beautiful and real-looking burgundy foam rose, burguan latex camellia and dusty rose foam rose with burgundy eucalyptus vine decorations. Dotted with burgundy and dusty rose ribbon drapes add more touch of elegance.
  • Size: The pew flower approx. 5" in diameter, and the vines drape length 13".
  • Convenient: The pew flowers are already attached with a bow tie, so they can be tied around any size or type of chair needed easily and conveniently.
  • Never Wilt: You can order these items months in advance since these aisle decors are all artificial flowers and greeneries.

Wedding Aisle Decoration Pew Flowers in Burgundy & Dusty Rose

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