Electric Hot Water Dispenser - 4L Boiler and Warmer Food Grade Stainless Steel 24h Heat Preservation Black

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Product Description

The perfect Christmas and New Year gifts for family and friends!

Long-term heat preservation and rapid water boiling provide you, your family and friends with hot water throughout the night.

The perfect Christmas and New Year gifts for family and friends! They will love it!

Such a practical and thoughtful gift, they will definitely want to use it at Christmas dinners and family dinners!

Food Grade Stainless Steel

It can be in direct contact with water, safe and healthy, heat-resistant and heat-preserving, and can provide you with instant hot water at any time.

Hybrid Electric Water Boiler and Warmer

Upgrade 4.0L Large Inner Capacity

Large capacity, holding much hot water. Enough for daily life use, combined with boiling water and heat preservation, very suitable for home, office, buffet party and other afternoon tea parties. Enjoy a convenient life with Xverycan hot water dispenser. :)

(Warm Tips: The actual water capacity of the inner tank of the product is 4.0 liters. 5.8 liters is the capacity of the product shell, not the water capacity.)

Transparent Water Level Gauge

You can see the remaining amount from the transparent water level gauge, and add water, milk tea, coffee or other beverages in time. (to prevent liquid from overflowing, please do not add more than 4.0L)

With night light, easy to grab hot water during those early mornings or late nights with limited lighting.

Automatic Safety Shut-Off Function

The water boiler and warmer can be protected by turning off the power when the water tank is empty.

The safe and humanized design of electric water boiler provides safety protection for every user.


  • Size: 10.63 x 10.43 x 15.47 in (27x26.5x39.3cm)
  • Actual Water Capacity: 4.0 Liter
  • Weight: 3.0kg
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Rated Power: 750W
  • Package Included: 1 x Electric Water Boiler and Warmer

Auto & Manual Dispense Buttons

Button/ Air pump/ Clink Glasses

When the power is on, you can directly press the button to get the water; Air pump water outlet can be operated without power; You can also use the cup to touch the button next to the spout to take water.

24 Hour Heat Preservation

750W boiling water power, 15W heat preservation power, saving time and no electricity.

If the user does not need hot water when boiling, they can also be used later. This is due to the heat preservation effect provided by the hot water dispenser, which can keep the water warm for a long time.

In this way, you don't need to use a kettle to heat it every time you need hot water, saving electricity.

360° Rotating Base

The rotatable base allows easy access to hot water from any angle, providing a lot of convenience and flexibility.

Small and compact design, electric water boiler and warmer occupy very little space. You can easily place the hot water dispenser in any corner for backup.

Easy to Maintain

All stainless steel inner tank, easy to clean, no rust. Stainless steel provides effective protection against corrosion, dirt and dust. Removable lid for easy pouring and cleaning.

Humanized Design

Convenient and Sturdy Carry Handle, you can easily carry this water dispenser. When you use it at a buffet party or other parties, it is convenient to move and fill drinks.

Easy to Use

The 3 operation buttons are simple and convenient, and the elderly can also use it easily. Without other complicated functions, a simple water boiler and warmer is enough to meet everyone's daily needs.


When you wake up, you can use the Xverycan water kettle to make coffee, milk, oatmeal, scented tea, or to make noodles. Before going to bed, you can use it to soak a cup of warm milk for a comfortable sleep. Enjoy the beautiful morning and pleasant evening with the Xverycan hot water dispenser. :)

Simple Electric Stainless Steel Water Boiler & Warmer with Night light, Automatic and Manual Dispense, Auto-Shutoff and Boil Dry Protection

In terms of raw materials, we have begun to strictly control the quality and choose high-quality, food-grade 304 stainless steel. This material can directly contact water and is harmless to the human body. Every user can use it with confidence.

Our 4.0-liter capacity hot water dispenser can hold more liquid, reducing frequent replenishment of liquid into the hot water dispenser. It is an ideal choice for parties and daily use at home.

The functions of the water dispenser have also been simplified, retaining the most frequently used functions in daily life. Boiling, keep warm and dispense. Reduced complex keys, the elderly can also easily operate.

Whether holding business meetings, parties, afternoon tea or simply improving the convenience of daily life, the Xverycan portable easy electric kettle/water dispenser / combination water boilers & warmers can boil and dispense hot water easily, quickly and safely. It is also a good assistant for kitchen cooking.

Warm Tips:

1. When the water is boiling, steam will come out from the steam hole, be careful of burns.

2. In order to avoid leakage of water and electricity, please do not overfill with water.

3. For safety, please do not let children use it alone.

4. The actual water capacity of the inner tank of the product is 4.0 liters. 5.8 liters is the capacity of the product shell, not the water capacity.

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